Monday, December 8, 2014

Finals Week

I am sorry to say that I have been very behind on posting this week and we all can thank that to finals being next week, therefore, making this week, hell week. Ah, finals, I thought mid terms were terrible but finals are seemingly worse. As it is I have two portfolios to work on ad 3 finals to accomplish. I must say, compared to some people it really is not that bad but combine that with my laziness and the cold, I have not felt like doing much. So here I am to just give you real quick guide to finals and then off to revise some more papers for those stupid portfolios.

Note cards: I cannot stress that enough, index cards are your new best friends finals week. Put all definitions and anything you need to remember on these babies and study the hell out of them. Bring them with you everywhere, have others test you, study study study.

To do list: have a to do list and write it in about 5 different places. Trust me, you are going to want easy access to it constantly. I suggest you the Microsoft one note on both your phone and computer so that it becomes easily accessible.

Review sessions: attend review sessions; do not try to wing things on your own. I know that review sessions feel like it is ok to skip class but unfortunately it is not. Please attend them, they will only benefit you.

Look at your notes: I do not suggest studying from your notes as this can be a little confusing but writing them down on note cards as discussed earlier will make it easier to figure out, instead of going through pages the note cards make it easy to get both definition and key word.

Highlighters: yes highlight everything. It will make definitions pop out and things will be easier to study, trust me.

Sleep: make sure you get enough sleep, without sleep you will fall behind, you will not remember as much and it will be very difficult to begin your actual final.

Do not lie in bed: lying in bed only promotes laziness, go to Barnes and nobles or the local library and study there. You will get more done than you ever will have from your bed.

There you have it, just some quick study tips to follow that will make finals week a little more bearable!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Favorite Apps of the Week

Whitagram: whitagram is an app that allows you to add a background to your pictures. Typically I would suggest a white color but it gives you other color
options as well. The app gives you the option to edit your photos as well. You can enhance them in anyway, and add any brightness. The app makes your photos seem professionally done. It makes things look simple and pretty! I would totally suggest it for any social media apps and your blog as well!

Picstitch: picstitch is an easy and simple way to put all of your pictures into a collage. You can place two pictures for a simple look it up to about 6 for free! The app simply takes the pictures you tell it to take and puts them into the collage. It's that simple, from there you can easily change the
colors, edit, or enhance the picture in anyway you desire!