Saturday, November 15, 2014

L'Oreal HiColor

Red hair is all the rage during the fall but finding the right color red can be next to impossible. However, for those who desire bright red I have found the perfect hair dye for you. L’Oreal hicolor hair dye. The hair dye in any color is one that will work dye your hair the exact color on the box however, I have only used to red so therefore can only speak about that one. The hair dye is specifically for those with dark hair.
Image Source

Image Source
So therefore, those with lighter color hair should stay away as the color change will probably be a lot more drastic then just a bright red.
The color fully absorbs in your hair and makes it a very bright red. Not only that the color lasts! Everyone has heard about the red colors that fade within two days but this color 90% stays. The trick is to put a bit of the hair dye into your conditioner about once a week. Red hair perfection can easily be achieved in all of its high-end glory! You’re welcome.

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