Monday, May 18, 2015

Bad Blood

Social media has recently blown up about Taylor Swift and it is 110% warranted. Have you checked out her new video? While the song Bad Blood was on her newest album, the music video has just came out and oh boy did Taylor Swift throw everyone for a loop. The video starts out simple enough with her and Selena Gomez but what caught my eye was that the video was produced by Swift herself. I love when artists actually produce or write their own songs/ music videos, that takes true talent! But essentially there are four major things that need to be addressed about this video.

1. Kendrick Lamar
I am well aware that Taylor Swift has been discussing how she wants to change the sound of her music and all but she really took me for a spin when all of a sudden Kendrick Lamar began rapping! It works so well though…
2. Celebrities
Talk about celebrities on celebrities, everyone from Selena Gomez and Zendaya, to Jessica Alba and Haley Williams all in one music video?
3. I still want to be Cara Delevinge
Totally self-explanatory why I want to be that bad ass
4. Taylor Swift would look hot with red hair
I personally think that Taylor Swift could rock any hairstyle but OMG she would look so amazing with red hair, I am totally all for it!

So there ya have it everyone! Be sure to watch the video its pretty amazing!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Montclair Bread Company

And so the semester has come to a close and with it my freshmen year of college is over. The last you have all heard from me was in January, I had told you that I would be writing more frequently and getting so more control of my life and I am sad to report that I did not. So, here I will try again to gain some control over my life and reestablish myself as a blogger. So here is my first post of the New Year (technically).

So what I have not informed everyone about is that I joined a sorority! Yay, you are looking at the newest member of Phi Sigma Sigma, with that comes gaining the amazing friendship of a Big. Recently my big and I went to Montclair Bread Company, 

located in Montclair and in one of the cutest areas I have ever seen. I wish I had taken more photos but I will be going back this week (fingers crossed) and I will be sure to post some photos up on instagram (another new addition to the blog, follow me on instagram at touchofcollege!) Montclair Bread has to be one of the cutest places I have been to in a very long time. It is tiny and quaint with tables outside. The staff was absolutely amazing and welcoming and helped me make my decisions on doughnuts and coffee. I finally decided on a dolce de leche donut and a vanilla latte. It was a phenomenal decision and the latte was by far one of the best drinks I have ever tasted! Not only was it delicious but also it came in this cute mason jar that of course I had to take home with me! Overall, my journey to Montclair Bread was well worth it and I would recommend it 10/10 to anyone in the area! I cannot wait to go back this week!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Guess Who's Back

Hello all,

I would like to take this moment to apologize for not blogging over the past month, while I do not have a very good excuse (finals week= good excuse, laying around during winter break= not good excuse) I would like to say that I am officially back on line and I hope you are all as excited about that as I am. I realized a lot in my month off, most importantly being that I was stressing myself out by trying to have a post EVERY SINGLE DAY and by trying to maintain this image of perfection throughout my blog. That image is unattainable as well as is posting every single day while attending a university, working part time, going through the process of joining a sorority (yay), finding time to have a social life and also writing for Her Campus (another yay). As you can see I am busy. Or so I like to fool myself into thinking so I have an excuse for the multitude of planners that I have bought or downloaded. (Side note: I just made my own DIY planner! I will be sure to have that post up shortly) So for now, here is my note to all my dear and treasured readers, I am back, I will be posting hopefully (fingers crossed) at least twice a week, and I will be re doing the blog within the next couple of weeks to obtain my own image of perfection! So just hang tight!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Finals Week

I am sorry to say that I have been very behind on posting this week and we all can thank that to finals being next week, therefore, making this week, hell week. Ah, finals, I thought mid terms were terrible but finals are seemingly worse. As it is I have two portfolios to work on ad 3 finals to accomplish. I must say, compared to some people it really is not that bad but combine that with my laziness and the cold, I have not felt like doing much. So here I am to just give you real quick guide to finals and then off to revise some more papers for those stupid portfolios.

Note cards: I cannot stress that enough, index cards are your new best friends finals week. Put all definitions and anything you need to remember on these babies and study the hell out of them. Bring them with you everywhere, have others test you, study study study.

To do list: have a to do list and write it in about 5 different places. Trust me, you are going to want easy access to it constantly. I suggest you the Microsoft one note on both your phone and computer so that it becomes easily accessible.

Review sessions: attend review sessions; do not try to wing things on your own. I know that review sessions feel like it is ok to skip class but unfortunately it is not. Please attend them, they will only benefit you.

Look at your notes: I do not suggest studying from your notes as this can be a little confusing but writing them down on note cards as discussed earlier will make it easier to figure out, instead of going through pages the note cards make it easy to get both definition and key word.

Highlighters: yes highlight everything. It will make definitions pop out and things will be easier to study, trust me.

Sleep: make sure you get enough sleep, without sleep you will fall behind, you will not remember as much and it will be very difficult to begin your actual final.

Do not lie in bed: lying in bed only promotes laziness, go to Barnes and nobles or the local library and study there. You will get more done than you ever will have from your bed.

There you have it, just some quick study tips to follow that will make finals week a little more bearable!

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Favorite Apps of the Week

Whitagram: whitagram is an app that allows you to add a background to your pictures. Typically I would suggest a white color but it gives you other color
options as well. The app gives you the option to edit your photos as well. You can enhance them in anyway, and add any brightness. The app makes your photos seem professionally done. It makes things look simple and pretty! I would totally suggest it for any social media apps and your blog as well!

Picstitch: picstitch is an easy and simple way to put all of your pictures into a collage. You can place two pictures for a simple look it up to about 6 for free! The app simply takes the pictures you tell it to take and puts them into the collage. It's that simple, from there you can easily change the
colors, edit, or enhance the picture in anyway you desire!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Microsoft One Note App

I have already discussed Microsoft One Note but something else I want to discuss is the Microsoft One Note app for the Iphone. If you thought Microsoft One Note was great you should take a look at this app because it is even better. Yes, it is the same exact thing but it is on your phone! You can use it on the go and anywhere you need it. I have countless times put recipes on this app and then while at the store looked at them on my phone all on the app. The app and the computer are all synchronized therefore, anything you write on the phone goes directly on the computer and vice versa. This means seamless tasking. With the various to do lists I have by having a synchronized phone and computer I am able to do accomplish so much more. Multi tasking is a breeze.

Friday, November 28, 2014

Maybe It's Maybelline

Maybelline New York has brought to us the great cheap option to contour your face. The master hi light from face studio is one that gives your face a lift and is easy to apply. It keeps your face light rather than the drab and heavy look of liquid highlighters that easily fade and make your skin greasy. While there is still something to say about liquid foundation, a powder highlighter is just much easier. Especially one that works!