Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Favorite Apps of the Week..

My favorite apps currently

I am a fanatic when it comes to how my apps look on the front page of my Iphone. I change it up about every month sometimes more than once. Currently my apps are all in color order. It makes things a little more difficult to find but it is definitely prettier. Now two of the apps I am currently obsessed with are


Timehop is an app that brings you to the past. It gets the archives from your facebook and twitter pages from years ago and allows you to see the statuses and pictures you put up on this day last year. Sometimes it can be comical sometimes it is just downright embarrassing


Dropbox has been another must have app lately because it allows to me to access the files I have stored on my computer on my Iphone as well. With the launch of the new Microsoft word app I have been able to do homework while I’m sitting around bored, or begin a blog post while in the car (with someone else driving of course). It just makes life that much more convenient.


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  2. Think I need to download the dropbox sounds like it would make blogging easier! :)

    Gabby xo

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    1. you should definitely get it! It makes life 10x easier

  3. I didn't know about these apps but they sound cool! =)
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