Monday, May 18, 2015

Bad Blood

Social media has recently blown up about Taylor Swift and it is 110% warranted. Have you checked out her new video? While the song Bad Blood was on her newest album, the music video has just came out and oh boy did Taylor Swift throw everyone for a loop. The video starts out simple enough with her and Selena Gomez but what caught my eye was that the video was produced by Swift herself. I love when artists actually produce or write their own songs/ music videos, that takes true talent! But essentially there are four major things that need to be addressed about this video.

1. Kendrick Lamar
I am well aware that Taylor Swift has been discussing how she wants to change the sound of her music and all but she really took me for a spin when all of a sudden Kendrick Lamar began rapping! It works so well though…
2. Celebrities
Talk about celebrities on celebrities, everyone from Selena Gomez and Zendaya, to Jessica Alba and Haley Williams all in one music video?
3. I still want to be Cara Delevinge
Totally self-explanatory why I want to be that bad ass
4. Taylor Swift would look hot with red hair
I personally think that Taylor Swift could rock any hairstyle but OMG she would look so amazing with red hair, I am totally all for it!

So there ya have it everyone! Be sure to watch the video its pretty amazing!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Montclair Bread Company

And so the semester has come to a close and with it my freshmen year of college is over. The last you have all heard from me was in January, I had told you that I would be writing more frequently and getting so more control of my life and I am sad to report that I did not. So, here I will try again to gain some control over my life and reestablish myself as a blogger. So here is my first post of the New Year (technically).

So what I have not informed everyone about is that I joined a sorority! Yay, you are looking at the newest member of Phi Sigma Sigma, with that comes gaining the amazing friendship of a Big. Recently my big and I went to Montclair Bread Company, 

located in Montclair and in one of the cutest areas I have ever seen. I wish I had taken more photos but I will be going back this week (fingers crossed) and I will be sure to post some photos up on instagram (another new addition to the blog, follow me on instagram at touchofcollege!) Montclair Bread has to be one of the cutest places I have been to in a very long time. It is tiny and quaint with tables outside. The staff was absolutely amazing and welcoming and helped me make my decisions on doughnuts and coffee. I finally decided on a dolce de leche donut and a vanilla latte. It was a phenomenal decision and the latte was by far one of the best drinks I have ever tasted! Not only was it delicious but also it came in this cute mason jar that of course I had to take home with me! Overall, my journey to Montclair Bread was well worth it and I would recommend it 10/10 to anyone in the area! I cannot wait to go back this week!