Friday, November 14, 2014

Foam Hair Dye

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Now I have used hair dye in a traditional form, I’ve used sally Hansen beauty supply hair dye where the processor is needed and I’ve used foam hair dye. Stay with me here when I say I do not recommend foam hair dye. I am aware it is very popular but my own experiences with it just do not allow for me to promote the product. Foam hair dye is basically massaged into the hair and used sort of like a shampoo; you then leave the product in for about 20 minutes and then wash it out. I feel that with foam hair dye, when you wash the product out it leaves the hair streaky and faded. When applying the foam you basically spread it over the whole head but it can be difficult to determine where the foam is concentrated or where the foam is missing. This in turn results in a streaky head. Another problem is when one washes the hair dye out it fades the hair. I just personally feel that the foam does not stick to or absorb in the head, which causes it to easily fade and result in hair that looked the same as before.

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