Sunday, February 8, 2015

Guess Who's Back

Hello all,

I would like to take this moment to apologize for not blogging over the past month, while I do not have a very good excuse (finals week= good excuse, laying around during winter break= not good excuse) I would like to say that I am officially back on line and I hope you are all as excited about that as I am. I realized a lot in my month off, most importantly being that I was stressing myself out by trying to have a post EVERY SINGLE DAY and by trying to maintain this image of perfection throughout my blog. That image is unattainable as well as is posting every single day while attending a university, working part time, going through the process of joining a sorority (yay), finding time to have a social life and also writing for Her Campus (another yay). As you can see I am busy. Or so I like to fool myself into thinking so I have an excuse for the multitude of planners that I have bought or downloaded. (Side note: I just made my own DIY planner! I will be sure to have that post up shortly) So for now, here is my note to all my dear and treasured readers, I am back, I will be posting hopefully (fingers crossed) at least twice a week, and I will be re doing the blog within the next couple of weeks to obtain my own image of perfection! So just hang tight!

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