Friday, November 7, 2014

Babyface Hair Product

Babyface is the new hair product I have recently been using that is working absolute wonders for my hair. Babyface is this obscure product that can be found on Amazon that has no directions on the label, is the tiniest bottle ever, and seemingly looks like it came from China and you were schemed. BUT, it has to be the best hair product I have used to date. I have used many hair products from keratin, to hair dye every week, to oils, gels, and anything else imaginable in order to get my hair to be exactly the way I want it. Unfortunately that took a lot of experimenting and the need for a lot of hair cuts. The end result, a very short cut and a very unhappy me. So I have spent the year growing out my hair and have dyed it only once for a special occasion. My hair is finally where I want it to be minus a couple of inches. I fully think my hair is in this healthy state due to this amazing keratin product I found online, which I will discuss in another post on another day and this new product Babyface. Babyface has made my hair amazingly soft and shiny. My hair literally feels like a baby. I am never happy with hair products but since this has entered my life I have yet to be disappointed. Living away at school I do not bring Babyface with me to my dorm but instead reserve it for when I am home. There are days while I am at school where I count how many washes I have in between me and Babyface hair softness. The product seriously is a miracle worker. Or just pure protein whichever we want to call it. Since there are about zero directions on the label let me tell you how to apply it so you can try this amazing find for yourself!

  1. Shampoo your hair before beginning but do not condition it
  2. Take your conditioner and pour it into a bowl, about the same amount you would use to regularly condition your hair
  3. Open the bottle and pour the liquid into the cap until it is just full.
  4. With this capful pour it into the conditioner
  5. Mix them around
  6. Apply the conditioner to your hair
  7. Leave in hair for about 20 minutes
  8. Wash the conditioner out of your hair
  9. Magic! Hello soft hair

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