Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Blogging 101

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Ok, so I’m totally going on a tangent here simply because I do not want to write about my planned blog post for the day. Blogging is a lot of work and honestly the amount of time you put in is usually the amount of fame and fortune you get out. I’ve been blogging for about a week now and usually have about 1 or 2 people check out my posts and for now I’m ok with that. I do not expect overnight success and I am not doing it accumulate a great amount of money. I’m simply doing it because I enjoy it and it is a great resume builder. I believe blogging should be enjoyable. So many of the blogging tips I’ve read have told me to make sure I blog every day and have a plan or a calendar of exactly what I will write about. They tell me to broadcast my posts everywhere, to html code this and create my own domain, and to use pictures, and make sure the post is over 750 words, and create content that wants to be read about. Well I say no. I think blogging should be enjoyable. Write about the things you enjoy and the readers will gravitate toward your blog. Personally, I know when I read a blog I enjoy feeling out the writers personality. Some snarky comments, irony, sarcasm are all things I look for in a blog post. I also look for the writer’s personal success story. I want the writer to share with me his or her own story and opinion not just write about something and that is exactly what I am trying to accomplish with this blog. It’s not all about the money. I’m writing because I enjoy writing and I want others to read my posts and enjoy it themselves. End rant.

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