Thursday, November 6, 2014

Genius Guide to Schedule Making

Schedule making, every college freshmen’s nightmare. What classes to chose, how do you plan your time, what’s the best time to take a class? Making a schedule can be hard to tackle but it is 100% manageable, look at these tips to figure it out.

Make a chart with Monday- Friday in the top row and then times in the columns

Begin by looking at the classes you absolutely need to take aka your general education requirements. While looking at those be sure to see if any of them would also fulfill a major requirement. A double whammy.

Once you have a list of about 7-9 classes you would like to take this semester begin to find out their times. Start with the class you want or need to take the most and write it IN PENCIL in its specific time slot. If it is a class occurring on two days be sure to write it into the two days as well as if it’s a double period, be sure to write them in both slots.

Fill out the rest of your classes and if you have any time conflicts be sure to write them down in the slot as well.

Once all of your classes have been filled out look at the conflicts and see which class is more important to you, then get rid of one class and add another without conflict.

Woo! You now have your schedule. I would suggest making another schedule the same way you made this one to compare which one you like better.

Good luck to all of you with your finals and next semester!

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