Friday, November 14, 2014

SPLAT! Hair Dye

So when I say I’ve tried out every hair dye and every hair color known to man I am not joking. I used to dye my hair about once or sometimes twice a week depending on my boredom level. Therefore, I am the right person to ask when it comes to talking about hair dye and the colors to use. From red to sun in blonde, with blue and pink stripes I have tried and hated it all. I destroyed my hair and had more than one tantrums at the hairdresser when they tell me I have to cut it all off but thanks to all of that my hair is healthy now and I can give awesome reviews on hair dye. For example SPLAT! Hair dye of basically any color is what I used when I wanted to bleach the bottom of hair or dye random parts of my hair. I totally recommend splat! If you are not that serious about the dye job you are doing. Which splat! Hair colors imply anyway. I have tried everything except for the color green. Splat! Works really well for such a cheap buy. If your hair is on the darker side however you need to bleach the hair first to see any sort of color. The bleach works rather quickly and while it does burn its simple and easy to apply. I would never suggest bleaching your entire head at home however, if you want to do the ends to accomplish an ombre effect splat! Will definitely give you that look. While the bleach can tend to come out a little on the orangey side depending on the color of your hair its easily fixed with another at home blonde hair dye. The blonde hair dye you buy will determine just how blonde your hair is so be careful if you do not want bleach blonde hair, do not buy bleach blonde hair dye. Keep in mind the color will be picked up quickly because you just bleached your hair. If you want the ombre effect leave the orangey color at the beginning of the ombre and dye the tips blonder then the rest. Overall, I would for sure recommend splat! Hair dye to anyone who uses at home hair dye and I am definitely looking forward to the next time I get to use it.

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