Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The Smart Girl's Guide to Dorm Snacks

College can be a tricky situation to jump into. You have to get accustomed to living on your own, doing your own laundry, getting yourself up in the morning without your mom, ensuring you go to class, and of course, making sure you eat healthy options. The freshmen 15 is a real nightmare and is one that everyone tries their best to enjoy. But with the long nights of studying, and then the long nights of drinking it’s easy for one to put on a quick 5 pounds in the beginning and then before you know it the other 10 hit you hard. With that in mind there are some simple tips to try and avoid the freshmen 15, for instance, the food that you bring into your dorm room. AKA the food that is most easily accessible and ready for you at any moment. Here is a smart girl’s guide to 10 of the correct dorm foods to bring to college.
  • Cut up apples
Cut up apples are a good healthy choice and make f or a good snack in between classes
  • Oranges
Oranges are easy to keep in your dorm and a really good energy booster for when you get tired
  • Pre packaged fruit
Fruit comes pre packaged these days; I suggest you try to stock up on it, as it can be hard to come by on a college campus
  • Popcorn
Not the really buttery salty type but the non-butter kind. Popcorn is a good food to eat anywhere and it fills you up
  • Cereal
While not all cereal is healthy, eating dry cereal in the morning before that 8 am is a life saver
  • Granola bars
The holy grail of college dorms, be sure to stock up on these because they will fill you up in the morning, between class, and before dinner
  • Fruit Snacks
While they may not be the greatest and healthiest choice of all time they are a good substitute from eating candy and they fill you up quickly
  • Yogurt
A healthy snack for any time of the day
  • Frozen grilled chicken
These are easy to pop in the microwave for a quick and easy lunch or dinner that is healthy and full of protein
  • Minute Brown Rice
Add this with the grilled chicken and you got yourself a dinner!

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